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MNP Support and Eligibility

Need help in moving to a better connection? Get all your answers here!

What is MNP or Mobile Number Porting?

MNP/ mobile number porting is an excellent way to move to a better connection without changing your current number. As per TRAI guidelines, by using this service you can switch your existing mobile connection from one operator to another operator.For example, you can choose to move from Idea to Airtel or vice-versa.

The process takes 3 days in case of same circle/ region porting and 5 days if you are porting from one region to another. By placing your order at 10digi.com, you can simply port your number online and get free home delivery of your SIM connection.

What is the process for MNP?

At 10digi, you will experience the fastest and the easiest way to port your number sitting at home. We follow the process for MNP as laid down by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India).

1. Start by generating a porting code: To do so, send an SMS to 1900 with the text:


You will receive a porting code shortly at your number from 1901.

(This code is valid till 4 days. You can regenerate the porting code after 4 days if required).

2. Place order:

Log on to 10digi.com and place your order by selecting the connection type, your operator and then the plan you wish to choose for your new connection. Fill in your delivery details and place order. All it takes is a few clicks to place your order.

Once you have placed your order, the delivery will be done at your selected time slot. Share the porting code (as generated above) and required documents with the delivery representative.

4. Your number will be ported to the selected new connection within 3 working days.

5. Complete the verification process to activate your new connection.

6. Once the number is activated, you will get your first recharge credited in your new connection.

For more information on porting, you can read this blog click here

How do I know if I am eligible for porting my number?

TRAI has laid down the following rules for eligibility of mobile number portability:

1. The customer willing to port his/her number should have an existing number in active state in order to get porting code.

2. The porting code shared should not be expired. (Which means it should be shared within 4 days of generation).

3. The customer willing to port number should have spent at least 90 days in the same network.

4. In case of postpaid connection, all the outstanding dues along with an extra payment of 3-5 days for porting period should be cleared before porting the number.

How can I generate my porting code?
To generate a porting code, send the below SMS to 1900: 
PORT <space> <mobile number>
What If I am not able to generate a porting code?

Don’t worry, we are here for you! If you are eligible for porting, our delivery executive will help you in generating the porting code at the time of delivery.

How long does it take to activate a SIM connection?

As per TRAI guidelines, when you port to a new connection it takes maximum 3 days to activate a number. For this, one should make sure that he/she falls under eligibility criteria and correct documents and information is submitted at the time of digital KYC. To know more about activation, click here.

How can I know the reason of my application rejection?

If your application is rejected, you will receive a message from your operator stating the exact reason. In case you don’t get the SMS, you can also ask your operator by dialling its helpline number.

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