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Product Details


If you want to buy a prepaid connection, all you need is your original ID / Address proof. Your Sim will be activated within 4 hrs of delivery. If the documents submitted are incorrect, your number can be rejected by the operator


If you are opting for a postpaid connection, you should have original copies of the valid documents.

Postpaid takes 48 hours for activation which includes your tele verification and address verification. If your tele verification and address verification fails your number can be rejected by the operator.

MNP (Mobile Number Portability)

MNP also known as mobile number portability or porting your number from one operator to another operator.

MNP allows you to switch your network from your existing network to a new connection. It takes about 7 days processing time to port your number to a new connection.

To start the porting process, you will need to generate a porting code that is required at the time of delivery.

In order to port to a different operator you must ensure that:

Fancy Number

Fancy Numbers are the mobile numbers that are released in special series by operators. You can choose from a variety of numbers like mobile number in your favourite series, having your lucky numbers, birthday or anniversary date.

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