How to Place your Order | Order Process at 10digi

Order Process at 10digi

Placing order at 10digi is simple and quick.

What is 10digi?

10digi is an online service provider where you can purchase a new connection or port number sitting at home and get delivery in just 2 hours/ desired time slot.

What all can I buy from 10digi?

You can buy a new connection or port number to the following:

Does 10digi provide MNP or porting service?

Yes! You can simply order your SIM online and port your number sitting at home.

How can I order SIM from 10digi?

Ordering a SIM card from 10digi is easy.

You can order through our website Or download the 10digi app from the app store.


Who will deliver my SIM after I have placed an order at 10digi?

After placing order at 10digi, your SIM will be delivered at the chosen timeslot by our delivery experts. The delivery experts will help you complete the entire activation process for your new connection.

Do you have any delivery charges?

No we don’t have delivery charges, delivery is free for most of the orders.

How much time will it take to deliver an order?

Delivery of your order will take 2 hours or will be delivered as per your desired time slot. In rare conditions of bad weather, there can be a slight delay in delivery of orders.

What if I am facing problems with my SIM delivery

In case you are facing troubles with SIM delivery, you can get in touch with us at +91 9999-33-00-22 or you can Raise a query.

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