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Have questions related to your first time recharge? Look up your answers here!

My SIM is activated, but I have not received my first recharge yet. What should I do?

After you have inserted your Prepaid SIM, check signals on your new connection. If you get network strength on your connection, complete the activation process by dialing 1977 for Jio,1507 for BSNL/MTNL or 59059 for other operators to tele-verify yourself.

Tele-verification is a mandatory step to avail first recharge benefits on your new connection. Once the tele-verification is successful, your connection will be recharged with the benefits.

Please Note: In case of Prepaid/ Port  Connections, your first recharge will be done by 10digi. Please don’t get your first recharge done from any other source than 10digi to avoid refund / cancellations.

My number is activated but I am not able to tele verify by dialing the mentioned tele verification number. What should I do?

In case you are not able to tele-verify your new connection then please check if you are dialling the correct number i.e. 1977 for Jio,1507 for BSNL/MTNL and 59059 for the rest of the operator. Please ensure you have network signals on your phone while you are dialling the tele-verification number. If you are still facing troubles, contact the new operator as activation and tele-verification are catered directly by the operator.

What to do if my recharge is done but I am not able to use or get the benefits?

In case your recharge was successful but you are not able to use it or not able to avail the correct benefits then it could be due to operational or technical issues. You just need to Raise a query and we will get this resolved.

Note: Plans mentioned on the website can be changed by operator.

What if my first recharge is failed?

In case your recharge has failed, please Raise a query. One of the executives will get back to you with the earliest possible solution.

Please DO-NOT get your first recharge (FRC) done from any other source than 10digi. 

Need to contact directly to the operator helpline for your issues?

Get the help desk numbers here: Operator Helpline.

Am I eligible for a FRC if I have bought a new connection from 10digi?

Yes, if you have bought a new prepaid connection or ported to a prepaid connection. The plan that you have selected at the time of placing your order will be credited to your new connection once the activation process is completed.

Please note: there is no FRC benefit available for postpaid connections. The plan that you select will be billed to you.

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