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Activation Support

Have questions regarding SIM activation? Get your answers here

How much time does it take in activation of a SIM card?

The process of activation starts when digital KYC is submitted, this will be done by our delivery executive at the time of delivery. Once digital KYC is done, the time of activation will depend on the type of connection i.e. Prepaid, Postpaid or MNP.

The activation time can also depend on operator’s verification of the customer and other approvals. Connect with your operators using the mentioned numbers: operator’s helpline.

How do I know that my number is activated ?

Activation process depends on the type of connection you have chosen.

Prepaid New SIM connection:

Expected activation time: 20-30 mins after delivery.

Process: Insert the SIM after 20-30 mins of delivery of your connection. You will soon receive signals on your new connection. Now, complete the tele-verification process by dialling:

After completing tele-verification, your FRC will be done automatically from 10digi.

Postpaid New Connection:

Expected activation time: 72 hours after delivery

Process: Insert the SIM after 72 hours of delivery. On receiving signals at your new connection, complete the tele-verification process by dialling:

Note Make sure you have completed your address verification before in order to successfully activate your new postpaid connection

For MNP:

Expected Time: 3 days for porting in the same circle/region, 7 days for porting to a different circle/region.

Process: After the delivery of your new SIM connection (where you wish to port to), please wait for upto 7 days to begin the porting process. During this time when you stop receiving signals on your current connection (which usually happens during mid night), change your current SIM to the new one.

To activate your Prepaid connection after inserting the new SIM, follow the steps mentioned above at the Prepaid section.

To activate a Postpaid connection after inserting the new SIM, follow the steps mentioned above at the Postpaid section.

In case you need any further support in activation of your SIM connection, you may call on our customer support number:
+91 9999-33-00-22 or Raise a query.

What should I do if my number is not activated?

In case you are facing issues with the activation of your number, you can call the operator helpline and confirm the reason for the delay.

What if my request has been rejected by the operator?

A request can be rejected by the operator due to multiple reasons. To know the exact reason for your porting/new connection rejection, you can contact the operator helpline.

You can also reprocess your order anytime at 10digi.com. To do so, simply call our customer support +91 9999-33-00-22 or
Raise a query.

To know if your order is eligible for a refund, go through the refund policy.

Is there anything I need to do after my number is activated and FRC is done?
Once you have your number activated with FRC done, please make sure that you make the minimum usage of the benefits provided. The operator mandates a minimum usage, failing which the operator can deactivate the number. 

Here is what you can do:

  1. Make a call. 
  2. Send SMS
  3. Use internet service if provided. 

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