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Cancellation & Refund

How I can cancel my order at 10digi?

At 10digi you can simply call us at +91 9999-33-00-22 or Raise a query with your order details and cancellation reason.

When I can cancel my order?
Currently you can cancel the order at any time before delivery executives start their journey to deliver your order.
Can I cancel my order after delivery?

Once you have received your SIM card you cannot cancel your order. You can contact us at our support helplines or Raise a query for any issues with delivery/activation or recharge.

Will I get a refund for my order?
In case of any issues with your order, you may get a refund if you fall under refund eligibility
How can I initiate or claim my refund?

To initiate your refund, send us your order details, cancellation reason and bank details by Raise a query.

How will I get my refund?

If you have paid online you will get your refund on your source account. In case you paid through cash on delivery or Paytm, you may choose a refund through NEFT or Paytm.

How much time does a refund take?

In case of online payment you will get your refund within 1-2 working days once refund is initiated. In case you have paid in cash and you have chosen NEFT as your refund method, will get a refund within 1-2 working days once refund is initiated. If you choose paytm as refund method you get your refund within 1 working day once refund is initiated.

In case you are facing issues with your refund, you can write to us at Raise a query.

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