Jio AirFiber: A Pyramid of Possibilities for Ultra-Fast Internet!

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Reliance Jio is once again breaking boundaries and reshaping the future of technology. Get ready to be amazed as Jio takes a giant leap forward in the world of connectivity with its Jio AirFiber. Jio’s commitment to innovation and excellence continues to transform our digital landscape. Stay tuned as we unveil this surprise technology that will leave you spellbound. Get ready to embrace a new era of connectivity and possibilities, brought to you by Jio. 

What is Jio AirFiber? 

JioAirFiber gives fiber-like speed over with no wires. You simply need to connect it, turn it on, and that’s it. You now have a personal Wi-Fi hotspot in your home, connected with ultra-high-speed internet using True 5G. With JioAirFiber, it will be really easy to connect quickly your home or office with Gigabit-speed Internet. 

Jio AirFiber Internet: Highlights 

Jio AirFiber is a new product from Jio which will be available soon. This is a super-fast Wi-Fi network using the latest 5G technology. You can enjoy high-speed internet, quick downloads, and great streaming with it. It comes with a router which looks like a pyramid. There is also another device that gets installed in your home and has a Jio 5G SIM. This SIM connects to a nearby 5G tower to provide you data access. You can buy it when it is available from Jio’s official website at

Device Jio AirFiber 
Manufacturer Reliance Jio 
Manufacture Year 2023 
Launch Date By the end of November 2023 
Networks Offered 5G Internet 
Technology Used Inbuilt Wi-Fi technology 
Price Around Rs 6,000 
Plan Offered Multiple Plans 
Official Website 

Launch Date of Jio AirFiber  

There is no exact date when Reliance Jio will officially launch Jio AirFiber, but it’s expected to come out in the next few months of this year. People can buy Jio AirFiber 5G from the official website after it’s launched. There will be many different plans of it to choose from, so people can pick what suits according to their budget and needs. 

Device Price of Jio AirFiber 

The expected cost of Jio AirFiber device may be around Rs 6,000, but Jio hasn’t confirmed the exact cost yet. It may cost probably somewhere between Rs 5000 to Rs 7000, which includes all the costs. There is also a security deposit included in that cost. This means if you want to stop using the device, you can return it to Jio and get your security money back. 

Jio AirFiber Plans 

The Jio AirFiber device gives choices for both prepaid and postpaid plans to suit customers’ needs. These plans’ prices are the same or higher than regular Jio Fiber Plans. For postpaid, prices start at Rs 599 and go up to Rs 8499, providing unlimited data at speeds ranging from 30 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Prepaid plans start at Rs 399 and go up to Rs 8499, giving different prices and unlimited data similar to postpaid.  

Jio always offers the lowest prices for 5G, ensuring affordable and reliable internet connectivity, whereas other providers sometimes charge more. 

Jio AirFiber 5G Availability 

If you are interested in booking the new Jio AirFiber device, you need to check first the availability of 5G Jio Service works in your area. To check, visit the official website,, and enter your location’s right pin code. It’s important to check first because some places in India don’t have Jio Services. So, before you book the Jio AirFiber 5G device, see if the network works in your area properly. 

Steps to Book Jio AirFiber 

If you want to purchase or get the Jio AirFiber device, follow the below steps to book: 

1.) Go to the official website: 

2.) Type your area code to see if Jio is available where you live. 

3.) Look for the link to Jio AirFiber. 

4.) Sign up and give them the document they need. 

5.) Pay for the plan you want after signing up. 

6.) Once payment is done, a Jio expert will come to your home and set up the Jio AirFiber device. 

7.) The device will start working after they’re done. 

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