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Entertainment at Your Fingertips with Airtel XStream 

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We all love having access to high-quality entertainment whenever we want. Whether it’s our favourite TV shows, movies, documentaries, or sports matches, we just want to enjoy them hassle-free. Of course, we also expect the best picture quality and watching experience. Yet, where can you find such an incredible streaming platform? Right here, with Airtel XStream.  

Airtel XStream is one of the highest-rated streaming platforms in India. It provides access to beloved platforms, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, and offers a wide range of content. That means you never need to miss another hit show or movie again! It all begins with their Airtel DTH boxes. Then, you can access the service from your SmartTV, laptop, tablet, and even your mobile phone. Yet, if you only have a prepaid or postpaid Airtel plan on your mobile, don’t worry! You can use their Airtel XStream Play app! 

Discover everything you need to know about Airtel Xstream below! You’ll be glued to your screen in no time! 

What Is Airtel XStream?  

You may know Bharti Airtel as one of the largest telecommunications providers in the country. They offer a wide range of services, including Airtel XStream! It’s a streaming platform where you can watch a range of OTT channels in high-def resolution! 

What Is Airtel XStream Popular? 

It’s no surprise that Airtel XStream has over 2 million regular viewers with its impressive set of features. Check out the exciting array below! 

  • Hundreds of Channels and Apps: You’ll be able to choose from more than 5000 apps and 500 TV channels all in one convenient place.  
  • Multiple Languages: You never need to revert to subtitles when you can listen to shows and films in your preferred language. 
  • HD and 4K Resolution: Vivid colours and lifelike details = a dream come true for the avid movie watcher.  
  • Smart Devices: You can watch content on your tv or any smart device. You can even steam from multiple devices simultaneously.  
  • Chromecast: You’ll want to take advantage of the built-in Chromecast, allowing you to stream content from your mobile right to your TV.  
  • Voice Command: Searching for content just became easier with a voice-enabled remote! 
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: Your Airtel XSteam box runs on Android, so you’ll always stay up-to-date.  

How Do You Get Airtel XStream? 

If Airtel XSteam sounds like a dream come true, consider signing up for the service!  

Do you want to access the streaming service from multiple smart devices like your TV? You’ll need the Airtel DTH connection courtesy of the XStream Box. While the set-top box (STB) is usually ₹2650, Airtel frequently offers considerable discounts on the box itself. After you acquire the box, take a look at their subscriptions. If you would like DTH and OTT services, you must pay at least ₹153 each month. However, their customers rave about their affordable plans! 

On the other hand, if you only wish to stream movies and shows on your mobile, you do not need an Airtel DTH. The company proudly states that anyone with an Airtel connection can use the app. In this case, you’ll only need to find Airtel XStream in your Google Play Store or Apple Store. You can choose a plan that works for you, starting from only ₹149 per month.  

Ready to Stream? Choose XStream! 

Nothing is better than watching your favourite show or the latest movie from anywhere! Whether you sign up for Airtel XStream through the DTH connection or the mobile app, your smart device will still be the most convenient. 

If you need an Airtel SIM card, 10digi is here to help! We can provide a reliable SIM card to support your network connection. Then, you can sign up for service, and before you know it, you’ll be sitting back and watching riveting content! 

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