Everything You Need to Know about the New Jio Bharat Phone 

Jio Bharat Phone

Jio has always promised to deliver technology and its benefits to India’s underprivileged and underserved communities! This July, Jio makes incredible headway on that promise by launching a brand new, affordable, and accessible phone: the Jio Bharat Phone. It will allow individuals living in rural, remote areas to step from 2G into the high-speed 4G realm. They will also be able to use some amazing features and enjoy advanced phone specs!  

Learn more about the new phone below and how you can get your hands on one ASAP! 

What Is the Jio Bharat Phone?  

When Jio announced the Jio Bharat Phone, everyone was surprised and excited! Yet, they were even more delighted when they announced two versions: the Jio Bharat V2 and the Jio Bharat K1 Karbonn (developed by Jio and smartphone Karbonn). Moreover, Jio has made it possible for any other smartphone companies to create their own mobiles using the Jio Bharat platform, so you may even see more affordable, amazing phones on the market soon! 

Let’s take a look at the current Jio phones available! Jio Bharat V2 is the device everyone is talking about, coming in either black or blue. Yet, the Jio Bharat K1 Karbonn is a sleek grey and red in a slightly different design. Each phone has a 1.77-inch screen, 1000 mAh battery, and 0.3MP rear camera so that you can look forward to a high-performance, user-friendly mobile device. 

Once you turn on your new phone, you’ll have access to highly-desired, built-in apps like JioCinema, allowing you to stream popular movies, TV shows, videos, sports highlights, and more. You can also jam to unlimited music through JioSaavn. Additionally, you can send and receive UPI payments easily with JioPay! 

Naturally, one of the main benefits of these new phones is that millions of individuals will now be able to join the Jio 4G network. With the corresponding SIM card, you’ll jump on faster download and upload speeds, high-definition videos, and crystal-clear audio clips and calls. Since Jio is available almost everywhere in India, this includes rural and remote users – even those who are currently on the Airtel or Vi 2G networks and want to change to Jio’s 4G network. 

How Much Is the Jio Phone? 

These Jio phones are the cheapest 4G phones available in India, as Jio strongly believes in expanding affordability and accessibility. Since it is only 999 INR, it will allow many people who are living in underprivileged areas to access 4G and a number of other benefits available on the phone. So, if you are looking for a phone under 1000 INR, this is definitely the phone for you! 

Jio also understands that you can’t use your phone without a plan, which is why they created an equally affordable Jio Bharat Mobile Plan. You will be able to have unlimited voice calling and 14G of data for only 123 INR monthly. Alternatively, you can sign up for unlimited voice calling and 164GB per year for 1234 INR.  

How To Get the New Jio Phone 

If you’re wondering when you can purchase the cheapest 4G phone, you’re in luck because you already can! Jio launched one million devices in early July for a beta trial in India. However, if they’ve run out of their limited units, they should stock more soon! They plan to help more than 250 million individuals access the newest technology. 

However, it is important to keep in mind that the Jio Bharat Phone will be locked into the Jio network. If you are not already a Jio user, you will need to switch to their network with the appropriate SIM and plan. 

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