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Keep Receiving Your Incoming Calls with the Cheapest Prepaid Plans

At 10digi, we know our clients need the cheapest prepaid plans to ensure they keep receiving their incoming calls from friends, family, and colleagues. Additionally, we understand that the longest validity plans are the best. After all, telecommunications customers save the most money when they do not need to recharge a plan for days or weeks.  

As the leading SIM provider in India, we work with all the major network providers, including Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea, Reliance Jio, and BSNL Mobile. All of your reliable operators offer prepaid validity plans. Let’s take a look at the best options according to their price points: 

Airtel’s Cheapest Prepaid Plans 

Airtel’s prepaid plans contain unlimited talk time and competitive data packages. If you are willing to pay a higher rate, they throw in high SMS limits, a free trial of Prime Video Mobile, and access to Wynk Music and Airtel XStream. Currently, they are offering these excellent packages: 

      Plan   Talk Time    Data     SMS                   Perks     Validity      
Rs 19 Unlimited 200MB None None 2 days 
Rs 129 Unlimited 1GB 300 Prime Video trial, Wynk Music, Airtel XStream 24 days 
Rs 149 Unlimited 2GB 300 Prime Video trial, Wynk Music, Airtel XStream 28 days 
Rs 179 Unlimited 2GB 300 Prime Video trial, Wynk Music, Airtel XStream, Insurance Plan 28 days 
Rs 199 Unlimited 3GB 300 Wynk Music 30 days 
Rs 296 Unlimited 25GB 100/day Wynk Music 30 days 

VI’s Cheapest Prepaid Plans 

VI’s cheapest validity plans are very different from Airtel’s. They come with high data limits; however, they do not add in talk time or SMS. That said, they offer prepaid packages, including unlimited talk time, high SMS limits, and other perks. Let’s take a look at all these options: 

     Plan Talk Time   Data    SMS                   Perks     Validity      
Rs 19 None 1GB None None 24 hours 
Rs 51 None 1GB None None 28 days 
Rs 98 Unlimited 200MB None None 14 days 
Rs 141 Unlimited 8GB 300 3 months Disney+  30 days 
Rs 249 Unlimited 1.5GB/day 100/ day Vi Movies + TV Shows 21 days 

Jio’s Cheapest Prepaid Plans 

Jio’s cheapest prepaid plans only contain data. However, their cheapest validity plans start at Rs 75. They contain unlimited calling, excellent data limits, and reasonable SMS allowance. While they do not include perks such as videos, tv shows, or music, they suit the all-business individual very well. [Text Wrapping Break] 

      Plan   Talk Time   Data    SMS                   Perks     Validity      
Rs 75 Unlimited 100MB/day None None 23 days 
Rs 119 Unlimited 1.5GB/day None None 14 days 
Rs 149 Unlimited 1GB/day  100/day None 20 Days 
Rs 155 Unlimited 2GB 100/day None 28 days 
Rs 259 Unlimited 1.5GB/day 100/ ay None 30 days 

BSNL’s Cheapest Prepaid Plans  

BSNL has many validity plans, offering options to suit everyone’s needs. Most of the plans come with unlimited talk time (in local regions) and sufficient data limits. They are a good choice for anyone looking for the cheapest validity plans in India. 

      Plan   Talk Time   Data    SMS                   Perks     Validity      
Rs 18 Unlimited 1GB/day None None 2 days 
Rs 87 Unlimited 1GB/day 100/day Mobile Games 14 days 
Rs 94 200 minutes 3GB None None 30 days 
Rs 99 Unlimited None None Caller Tunes 18 days 
Rs 108 Unlimited 1GB/day None None 28 days 
Rs 147 Unlimited 10GB None Caller Tunes 30 days 
Rs 185 Unlimited 1GB/day 100 Mobile Games, Caller Tunes 28 days 

Did you find your perfect validity plan? You can take advantage of a new SIM card accompanying the cheapest prepaid plans by contacting 10digi today and feel free to contact our customer support team at [email protected].

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