KooB Plus Real Time GPS Tracking

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Key features
  • Ignition on/offIgnition on/off
  • GeofencingGeofencing
  • Over speed  monitoringOver speed
  • ImobilisationImobilisation
  • Spy ModeSpy Mode
Product Brief

KooB a Vehicle Tracking System helps you to secure your vehicle by monitoring it’s real time location using KooB App. You can secure your personal vehicle by using KooB VTS: the best way to keep an eye on your favorite vehicle.

Ac – OnOff alerts - Breaking a sweat while your drivers aren't? Get real-time status of your vehicle's AC. Avoid unmonitored use of your vehicle's AC.
Door Open /Close - Door left open? Get notified when your vehicle's door is opened or closed. Safeguard your vehicle from unwanted access.
Real time tracking and Live View - View the location of your vehicles on a map along with detailed information regarding its movement. Get SPEED | DISTANCE | IDLE TIME | ROUTE of your vehicle anytime.
Geo-fencing - You can set geo-fences around your vehicle to define area of operation or to mark the parking premises. This way you will be notified every time the vehicle enters or exit the marked area.
Over-speed monitoring - KooB also allows you to monitor your vehicle’s speed in real-time. Get real-time alerts when the vehicle over-speeds or exceeds the speed limit.
Immobilize - KooB App lets you immobilize your vehicle by disrupting the fuel supply and ignition, quick as a flash! With a tap of a button, the vehicle ceases. This feature ensures your vehicle is safe from theft, while you sleep in peace at night.
Wire cut and tempering alerts - The moment someone cuts or disconnects the wire connecting the device of the vehicle, an alter is immediately sent to the user.
SPY mode – KooB lets you keep an eye on your vehicle when you are not around. Get alarms for any vehicular activity. The spy mode is a new feature that converts all alerts to alarms. These alarms are linked to your phone’s media volume so that you can be alerted even if you ignore notifications from other applications.

Technical Specifications

Engine tele-cut off (petrol/electric)
Check Location via SMS and phone
2G network 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Backup Battery : 100Mah
Input Voltage : 9-S0V
Standby Time : 1-2 hours
GSM/GPS Antenna : MT6261/HD8020
GPS Channel : 20

About KooB Vehicle Tracking System

GSM Specification
GSM frequency
850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Class 12, TCP/IP
Phase error
Max output
GSM850/GSM900:33±3dBm GSM1800/GSM1900:30±3Bm
Max frequency error
GPS Specification
GPS chipset
MTK high sensitivity chip
L1,1575.42MHz C/A code
GPS channel
Location accuracy
<10 meters
Tracking sensitivity
Acquisition sensitivity
TTFF (open sky)
Avg. hot start≤1sec
Avg. cold start≤32sec
Functional & Package
Voice monitor range
≤5 meters
800mAh/3.7V Li-Polymer battery
Working voltage/current
9-36VDC/45mA(12VDC), 28mA(24VDC)
Operating temperature
-20℃~ 70℃
Power cable, SOS cable, Microphone, Replay(4pin),2*Relay(5pin), Speaker, I&O cable
BDS&GPS2&GSM positioning
Ultra-wide working voltage
Ultra-low power consumption
Accurate real time tracking
Historical route tracking Electronic Geo-fence
Offline alarm
Over speed alarm
Vibration alarm
Engine tele-cut off (petrol/electric)
Check Location via SMS and phone
2G network 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Backup Battery : 100Mah
Input Voltage : 9-S0V
Standby Time : 1-2 hours
GSM/GPS Antenna : MT6261/HD8020
GPS Channel : 20
Customer Questions
Customer Reviews
Himanshu Gupta

Value for money phone. Ordered it for my wife. 10digi provides activation of Jio SIM connection also at delivery.

Sudhir Singh

4G phone with all the apps like whatsapp, FB, Jio Apps for just Rs. 1499. It is a good deal. Got free delivery also. I am very happy.

Sujata Sharma

I love Jio connection. And this phone has best Jio features. Ordered it from office and got delivery on the same day. WOW 10digi, very nice service.

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