A refund is issued on a successful payment and credit of amount to 10Digi’s account but user is not able to get recharge.

Refund Process:

For requesting the refund you need to fill in the Customer Support form and mention clearly the payment details and what problem you are facing with recharge. A refund will be issued to you instantaneously in regular course. However in some cases the refund may take 4-7 working days and you will receive a refund confirmation mail within that period.

Please note in refund cases, the concerned bank may take 4-7 working days to post a credit to your account.

This is an automatic process and will be followed in all cases, however, for cases where you have received a success confirmation but not received a recharge or credit for your bill payment or any other case you are welcome to log a request by opening a support ticket on our contact us page and we will provide you a quick resolution.

Customer Grievances

In cases, where you are not satisfied with the resolution, you may submit a complaint ticket on our contact us page by choosing 'complaint' option. We suggest the complaints option be chosen once the refund is not received on completion of 7 days of request hence Complaint requests will be accepted only after 7 days of the transaction.

No Refund

There will be no refund for cost of sim delivered and service charges for home delivery of sim. Also in the following cases we cannot support returns:

  1. Where product is damaged because of use or when product is not in the same condition as you received it

  2. When any consumable item has been used or installed

  3. Where anything is missing from the package you've received including price tags, labels, original packing, freebies & accessories

  4. When items are tampered with or have missing serial numbers

Kindly note, in all cases 10Digi’s liability is only restricted to providing you a valid recharge, payment of your bill or refund to the extent of payment received by us. We shall not be responsible for any other claim or consequential liability arising out of a failed recharge, sim activation or bill payment on our system.