Stop spending extra on data: Top 4 plans for internet addicts

Best Mobile Data Plans

Studies show that most of the YouTube viewers use their mobile devices to watch videos. Taking this into account, it is pretty common for people to experience reduced speed or exhausted data packs.

Nothing can be more frustrating than slow or no internet. And this will surely result in wasting extra money on additional data usage.

Tip for the internet users

In order to make sure that you don’t waste any more of your money on extra internet use, start by spending wisely and choose a plan that suits the best to your data requirements.

There are brilliant plans to serve your binge browsing, unlimited gossips and a lot more. With the immense growth in the number of people using data services, the market is filled with operators providing attractive offers for the customers.

All you need to do is to hunt for the operator that fits best to your network area and select a plan that adds value to your money.

This table lists the best plans for people who love spending their time on the internet.
You would wish to have a plan that gives you enough data, good speed and uninterrupted services. So here we are with the best connections and even better plans.

Have a look at the best mobile data plans under Rs.500:

Prepaid/ Postpaid TSP Data Voice Calls Validity/ Bonus benefits Price
Prepaid Vodafone 1 GB/day Unlimited calling 84 days Rs.496
Prepaid Airtel 1 GB/day Unlimited calling 70 days Rs.449
Prepaid Idea 1 GB/day Unlimited calling 70 days Rs.495
Postpaid Vodafone 30 GB Unlimited calling Recycled data Rs.499
Postpaid Airtel 40 GB Unlimited calling Wynk Music + Live Tv Rs.499
Postpaid Idea 40 GB Unlimited calling Zero Deposit Rs. 499

Wondering why you didn’t know this before? Better late than never! Grab these fabulous ‘under Rs. 500 deals’ in just a few clicks.

Log on to 10digi.com ASAP and choose your favourite operator and plan. Get the network provider that works the best in your area and experience the speed of internet.

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