Network ne fir diya Dhoka? Read this if you own a phone.

We all are truly, madly, deeply and completely addicted to our mobile phones. Oh! I mean the SMART phones.

But what about the time when your mobile connection is low? All that jazzy phone with best of features and top quality camera seems just a waste without “4G” and full signal symbol.

Here are 6 of the funniest situations of ‘no mobile connection’. Tell us which of these is you.

1. When your room is in the basement and going up is the only way out:

2. When there is no internet and you beg your friends to share hotspot!

Pleasee! Pleaseee! Pleaseee!

3. But you only see buffering!

Chal Ja! Chal jaaaa!

4. When the wait for picture to download gets longer and harder to survive

5. When you finally see a 4G speed and there are thousands of whatsapp messages to reply

6. When your friend tells you that you can easily port number online!
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