Port From Airtel to Jio: Update 2020

how to port number from airtel to jio

There is always a better option waiting for you when you are having hardships with the current one.

It’s the same with your mobile connection. If you are having a hard time with your current connection, you can simply move to a better mobile connection sitting at your home. In this blog, we will tell you how you can port your number from your current connection to any one you like. For example you can port to Jio from Airtel in just a few simple steps.

This blog details the steps to port your number to Jio or any operator.

Porting has become extremely simple now. You don’t have to go anywhere or fill up huge forms. All you have to do is order your SIM online from 10digi.com. It is the simplest and fastest way to order your new connection/ port number. Here, you can get the best Airtel to Jio port offers.

To get your SIM ported to Jio, you need to do the following:

Step 1: Generate a Porting Code

To start with the process of porting your number, you have to first generate a unique porting code. To do so, simply send the following SMS to 1900.

PORT<space><mobile number>

Eg. PORT 0987654321

Once you send the above SMS to 1900, you will receive an SMS back from 1901 with your unique porting code. Keep that code safe as it will help you in the process of porting.

Step 2: Select the Operator You Wish to Port-To

Log on to 10digi.com and choose the port number option. Now, choose the operator you wish to port to. For example, if you have to port to Jio, select Jio and the plans will come up for your selected connection. Similarly, you can choose any connection you wish to port to like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL or Jio.

Step 3: Select the Plan for Your Connection

Select the plan that you wish to keep for your new ported connection. You can choose from the plans visible at 10digi.com.

The plans at 10digi have no hidden cost. These are the plans as provided by telecom operators. No additional charges for SIM is included.

Step 4: Fill in the Delivery Details

After selecting the operator and the plan for your new connection, just fill in the delivery details and select a time slot of your preference for order delivery.

The delivery executive will reach your location at the selected time slot. The KYC process takes place at your doorstep. Which means you don’t have to go anywhere else to port your number.

Once you have received your SIM and KYC is done, your number will be ported within 3 days in case of porting within same cities and 5 days in case of porting from one city to another (as per TRAI guidelines).

10digi.com is the simplest and fastest way to convert from Airtel to Jio or from any mobile connection to a connection of your choice.

Before you start your porting process, make sure you have gone through the below mentioned rules of porting:

Rule No. 1: 90 Days Rule

In order to port your number to any connection, you should have spent at least 90 days with your current connection. Porting to another connection will be rejected if you have not spent a minimum of 90 days with your current mobile connection.

Rule No. 2: All Dues Should Be Clear

In order to successfully port your number, one needs to make sure that all the dues are paid before starting the porting process. If the bill payments or any other dues with the operator are pending then your porting request can be rejected by the operator.

Thus, before starting the porting process, make sure you clear your dues along with some extra payment  to be able to use your connection during the porting period.

Rule No. 3: Zero Balance Transfer

In case of prepaid connection, you should be informed that your current benefits will not be transferred to the connection that you port to. Your prepaid balance and benefits will not be carried forward. Thus, make sure that you have utilized your prepaid balance completely before starting the porting process.

Now that you know all the dos and don’ts of porting your number, you can simply log on to 10digi.com and start your porting process with 10digi.

Get the best offers and smooth porting experience with 10digi.com. So pick up your phone and port now or get a 100% refund before activation.

To port: www.10digi.com.

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