Jio’s New ‘Work From Home’ Annual Plan Is Value For Money.

jio work from home plan

We all love mobile plans that  give us longer validity, better data and voice usage and other benefits. Especially at this time of extended lockdown, when most of us are fortunate to get work from home facilities.

In such cases the internet plays a key role in our productivity. Also in general, our lives are based on the internet. Work, entertainment, news, connecting to family, chatting with friends- it all starts and ends with an internet connection these days. Long conference calls, video calls, multiple messaging and mailing are a part of our daily routine.

It is good to see that telecom companies are thinking about their users by making all efforts to provide connectivity while you stay at home. This is being done to encourage remote working amid the coronavirus pandemic, a storm that the world is facing and because of which a nationwide lockdown has been Imposed.

Having said that, here is some good news that your telecom company has for you. Check out the latest plans that top operators have to make your lockdown time easier and better:

Reliance Jio launched a new annual plan for prepaid customers for Rs 2399/-

Reliance Jio’s new annual plan worth Rs 2399/- offers 2GB data daily with unlimited free calls and SMS. That makes the cost of this plan at Rs 200/ month, which is kind of affordable for everyone plus you don’t have to think of recharge every now and then, you are free for a year. If you compare it with the same amount of annual plan from Airtel and Vodafone, they are Rs 2398/-, Rs 2399/- respectively, Jio offers ‘extra value’ because it gives 2GB per day whereas other companies give 1.5 GB per day with unlimited calls and SMS.

In addition, Jio’s new plan also offers users a complimentary subscription to Jio apps.

Similar plans are as follows:

Jio’s existing yearly plan worth Rs 2121/- offers 1.5 GB data daily with 12000 minutes for Jio to other networks, unlimited Jio to Jio calling, 100 SMS per day and validity for 336 days.

Airtel prepaid annual plan worth Rs 2398/- offers 1.5 GB data daily, unlimited Airtel to Airtel calling, 100 SMS per day and validity for 365 days.

Vodafone Prepaid annual plan worth Rs 2399/- offers 1.5 GB data daily, unlimited calling, 100 SMS per day and validity for 365 days. Users will get other benefits like free OTT subscription and free Vodafone Play subscription worth Rs 499.

Jio has also launched new work from home data packs: Rs 151, Rs 201, Rs 251 that come with 30 GB, 40GB and 50GB data benefits, respectively. These packs can be used as an add on data pack at any time of the month, when the daily data runs out.

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