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Welcome to Information Desk for Jio.

Get all your questions related to Jio connection answered here.

About Jio:
Being one of the leading Indian telecommunication companies, Reliance Jio’s national LTE network coverage is operating across 22 telecom circles. Jio provides voice services for voice over LTE in it’s 4G network.

Jio was reported the largest mobile network operator in India as of 31 December 2019. Jio has also launched home broadband, television and telephone services in September 2019.

About Jio Prepaid Connection:

Q1. I need a new Jio Prepaid connection, where can I buy?

Now you don’t have to look for a Jio store to buy a new connection. As Jio prepaid connections are available online.

To order your prepaid connection online, you need to log on to and follow the steps.

Not only does 10digi give you all the Jio Prepaid plans at one page to choose, but it also gives you options from all other operators in both prepaid and postpaid connections.

The prices are transparent as you are only charged for the SIM price and nothing more. Also, 10digi offers free delivery.

The second method to buy a Jio prepaid connection is to visit a nearby store. To do so, you will have to locate a nearby store and visit it during the client serving hours.

At the store, you will have to fill in your details and wait for your number to be activated.

Q2. How do I check the offers/ plan validity of my new Jio connection?

Buying a new Jio Prepaid connection?If you are buying a new Jio Prepaid connection, you can check the latest and the most selling Jio Prepaid Plans here.

Get details of all the first recharge plans for your new connection with the added benefits, offers and validity.

You can also buy a new Jio prepaid connection from and get your SIM delivered at your doorstep in just 2 hours with a free delivery facility. There is a lot more that you can do at

Q3. Looking for recharge plans and offers for your current Jio Prepaid connection?

If you are looking for the best recharge for your Jio prepaid connection then your one stop solution will be Jio App.

My Jio App will be very useful for a lot of things. You can check the latest Jio plans and benefits. Also you can check the current plan and know your usage.

You can also check the latest Jio recharge plans here.

Q4. I am facing troubles in activating my new Jio Prepaid connection, who can help?

Here are a few steps that you should make sure to follow in order to get your number activated. Once you have got your prepaid connection SIM and the KYC process is completed, you should wait for about half an hour.

The second step is to insert the new SIM in your phone and dial the activation number. In case of Jio, you have to dial 1977.

Follow the instructions as received from the automated call. This process is called tele-verification of your number.

Once you are through this process, your number will be auto activated.

In case you have bought your Jio SIM from Once your number is activated as per the above mentioned steps, please initiate your request for first recharge at phone number :+91 9999330022 or email: [email protected].

Q5. My Jio FRC is not processed yet, what should I do?

Don’t worry. This page will help you know about your FRC issues on Jio Prepaid connection.

Below are the instructions, please follow on the basis of your place of purchase of Jio Prepaid Connection:

1. In case you have bought the SIM from

Once your Jio number is activated as per the above mentioned steps, please initiate your request for first recharge at phone number +9999330022 or raise a query here.

Please do not place FRC or any other recharge from outside. On purchasing the SIM, you have paid for the first recharge and the same will be credited to your account after you have activated your number and initiated the FRC request.

For further information on FRC, check out this page FRC Support.

2. In case you have bought the SIM from Jio store

If you have purchased your Jio SIM from a store and you are facing issues with FRC, you will have to visit the store again or call at Jio helpline number 1860-893-3333 or dial 1911 from your Jio number

Q6. What additional benefits do I get with Jio prepaid connection?

Jio often surprises its customers by adding premium benefits to not only postpaid customers but also to its prepaid customers.

When you choose Jio prepaid connection you can get many added benefits. Some of these includes:

1. Subscription to disney+ hotstar app:  Due to the pandemic, everyone of us are filling our movie thrust with OTT platforms. And there are innumerable shows and movies to watch on these platforms.

One of the most popular of these platforms is disney+ hotstar subscription. With Jio prepaid connection you can select a plan that gives you a free subscription to this huge bundle of movies and shows.

2.Subscription to Jio Apps: Jio has many of the popular apps that gives you not just one but multiple benefits. You simply need to download these apps after buying a Jio connection and you can enjoy music with the Jio Saavan app, watch shows live, enjoy movies, play games and a lot more.

The list just goes on….

To order your Jio Prepaid Connection and get free delivery at your convenience, just click here and follow the process.

Please note: The offers are subjected to Jio’s regulations. It can be added/ discontinued by Jio.

Q7. My recharge is not reflecting in account, what can be done?

Sign in to your account using your prepaid mobile number on Click on the Recharge History tab on your account home screen to get the status of your recharges.

Jio Postpaid Connection:

Q. 1 I need a new Jio Postpaid connection, where can I buy?

To get a new Jio postpaid connection delivered home in just 2 hours, all you need to do is:
Step 1: Log on to
Step 2: Select the postpaid tab and choose the operator you wish for your new postpaid connection.
Step 3: Choose a plan of your selected operator.
Step 4: Fill in the delivery details and place orders.

That’s it. The SIM will be delivered at your doorstep in just 2 hours.
Post delivery, your number will be activated after the tele-verification and physical verification of your Jio postpaid connection is completed.

It takes about 72 hours to activate your new Jio postpaid connection.
To tele-verify your Jio postpaid connection after delivery, simply dial 59059.

Know more about activation process: click here
You can also buy your Jio postpaid connection from a nearby Jio store.

Q.2 What happens after I place a postpaid order, how are my details validated?

Once your Jio postpaid connection is delivered, you need to go through two types of verification as per TRAI mandates.

Address Verification: This is to verify that the address that you have filled in for your postpaid connection is true.

One of the Jio agents will visit your location and verify the same. Tele Verification: It is a simple process to tele-verify your number.

You just have to dial 1977 from your Jio Postpaid new connection to get your number activated.
More about activation process is available here.

Q3. I want to change my current plan, what do I do?

To change your current Jio Postpaid plan to any better plan available, just choose any of the two available options:

Option 1:
Simply login at and sign in with your Jio number and OTP. go to Change plan >> Update Rental to change your bill plan.

Option 2:
You may also download MyJio App and change your bill plan by going to change plan option.

Q4. What kind of benefits do I get with Jio postpaid connection?

Depending on your usage, there is a lot that you can do with your Jio Postpaid connection.

The benefits with Jio postpaid connection keeps changing as the company updates them.
Please note:

The offers benefits mentioned below are as per the current availability, Jio can add/ discontinue these benefits as per their regulations.

Also the benefits are different as per different plans.
Currently most of the Jio postpaid plans offer:

  • Unlimited local and STD calls
  • High speed data
  • Data rollover benefits
  • Data usage as per the plan
  • Jio Apps
  • Hotstar subscription
  • Family add on servicesTo get yourself an Jio postpaid connection: log on to

Q5. How can I check my current bill/ plan?

The best way to check your current Jio postpaid plan and to know about all other trending plans is to use MyJio App.

Here are the steps:

  • Login with your number and OTP on MyJio App.
  • Select telecom from the top
  • Select ‘Bills and Statement’ option in transaction section
  • View Bill summary
  • Select Bill cycle and download the file to save your bills.

Or you can check your bills using website as well.

Here are the steps: Log in to the website.

  • Select bill and statement option
  • Choose your bill period and click view
  • Download the bill

Q6. How do I pay my bills for Jio postpaid connection?

Jio postpaid bill payment is super easy when you do it online. There are multiple payment options for you to choose from.

1. Jio website:You can pay your Jio postpaid directly on Jio website. Click on this link.
2. MyJio App
3. PayTM/ Google Pay and other wallets.

Q7. I have issues in my postpaid bill, who can help?

There may be instances where you would need more clarity on your Jio bill. Jio is quite transparent about its billing and charges.

To get a detailed account of your Jio postpaid bill follow the 2 options:

Option 1:
Simply login at and go to Bill and statement >> view summary to view details of last payments made.

Option 2:
You may also download MyJio App and check your last payment details by going to Bill and Statement option.

Q8. What do you mean by family plans? How do they work?

Jio knows that a family loves to share good things. Thus with Jio Postpaid Plus Family Plan, you are free to share your plan benefits with your family.

Following are the advantages of Jio Postpaid Plus Family Plan:

  • Single Bill for the family
  • Adding multiple child members with no added cost
  • Control to parent for data consumption of children
  • Flexibility of transferring data multiple times
  • Add on packs available for high data usage
  • Pre activated ISD for parents and children along with 1 click activation for IR.

Port Number to Jio

Understanding Port Number

MNP or port number is a process where you can move to any operator of your choice WITHOUT CHANGING YOUR NUMBER.

MNP or porting process works the best if you are facing problems in your current mobile network.

The time taken to port your number to a new connection is just 3 days. And with, you can port your number sitting at home.

Don’t worry, your number will not stop working. Porting process is swift, quick and easy.
To get more information on the porting process, check this blog on 6 steps for porting number.

Q.1 How can I port to Jio Prepaid?

No matter what connection you are using, you can move into a Jio Prepaid connection in just a few clicks.

Here is the process to port to Jio Prepaid:

Create porting code: This code is required to initiate the porting process.

To generate the code, you just have to send an SMS to 1900 in the below format:
PORT<space><your number>

You will get back an SMS from 1901, keep it safe. This will be used further in the process.

Choose your Jio plan: Next you need to log on to or click here <page link> and choose port number option.

Here just select Jio as your operator and select the plan that you want to use for your new connection.

Delivery details: Fill in your delivery information and choose a delivery time for your Jio prepaid plan.

And that’s all. Your connection will be delivered at your selected time. Give the porting code to the delivery agent and he will help you with the KYC process.

The entire process is effortless and less time consuming.

Q2. I want to change my Jio connection to something else, what can I do?

You can change any connection to a new one without having to change your number.

To do so, simply port your number to any operator of your choice using

The process is pretty simple, just log on to and follow the simple steps. SIM will be delivered at your location in just 2 hours and the porting process will be completed in just 4 days.

Yes, it’s that quick.

Also your mobile number does not stop functioning during the process. There are no hindrances and the process is pretty smooth.

To know more about porting process, check out this blog.
Before starting the porting process, make sure the following criterias are met:

1. 90 Days Rule: In order to port number to a different operator, one needs to make sure that they have spent at least 90 days in the current network.

Before 90 days, porting to a different network is not approved by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India).

2. No Dues Left: Make sure that you have cleared all your dues, especially in case of a postpaid connection.

In case any bill amount or other payable is pening from the user then the porting request will be rejected.

Know more about porting rules and other related information in this blog.

General Questions:

Q I. need a new SIM with the
same number, what should I do?

There can be many reasons for SIM replacement, some of them being:

  • Destroyed SIM
  • Lost SIM
  • Moving to a 4G SIM
  • Lost SIM with lost phone.

You don’t really lose your number if your SIM is broken or not working as it is old. You can easily get your SIM replaced through Jio.

In case you are going through any of the above issues and which to replace your Jio SIM, here is what you should do.

If your SIM is lost with your phone, make sure you register a complaint by calling the customer care helpline from Jio.

Next, visit the nearest Jio store. A mandatory ID here is that of the person on whose name the SIM is registered.

The person should also be present at the time of store visit to verify details.You may also need to submit 2 photographs for proof.

The store executive will help you by filling the replacement form. There can be a nominal charge for SIM replacement.

Usually, Rs. 25 but it may vary from store to store.Within a few hours, your new SIM will be activated and all the benefits on your lost SIM will restart on your new SIM automatically.

Hope your questions related to Jio are answered in this blog.

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