Internet Facts & Statistics 2021

In India we have seen massive use of the internet after launch of Jio. Due to cheaper prices everyone has shifted to online and started spending more time on the internet.

Netflix is one of the biggest platforms for streaming online movies worldwide. Recently they came out with a speed limit. So the minimum requirement for streaming Netflix is 0.5 MBPS and recommended speed is 1.5 MBPS. In order to watch Netflix in SD streaming minimum speed should be 3 MBPS and for HD streaming, the minimum speed must be 5 MBPS. If you want to watch Netflix in ULTRA HD streaming, then the minimum speed should be 25 MBPS.

Well amazon prime is not too far from Netflix. Recently they have also shared minimum speed for SD streaming and HD streaming i.e. 1 MBPS and 5 MBPS respectively.

Nowadays everyone is spending their majority of time on Youtube. So recently Youtube came with minimum speed for streaming there platform. If you want to watch video on 360p and 480p then the minimum speed must be 0.7 and 1.1 MBPS respectively. If you want to watch video on Youtube at 720p and 1080p, then the minimum speed should be  2.5 and 5 MBPS respectively. In order to watch Youtube video in 4K then the minimum speed should be 20 MBPS.

Skype is one of the top rated platforms for video chat. They also shared minimum speed for using skype. For having a phone call you must have 0.1 MBIT/S and for video call you must have 0.5 MBIT/S. In order to have video call HD you must have a minimum speed of 1.5 MBIT/S.

The average speed has been noticed in 3G is 144 KBPS and the average speed in 4G is 25 MBPS. And when it comes to 5G the average speed will be 200-400 MBPS which is unbelievable.

In the year 2020 it has been noticed that average price of 1 GB data in India is Rs 6.7 which is most cheapest in all over world. Previously in the year 2019 it was Rs 18.5.

Well over the time period the average price of 1 GB data has been reducing. In the year 2014 and 2015 the price of 1 GB was Rs 269 and Rs 226 respectively. After the launch of Jio the average price has been reduced drastically in the year 2017 which is Rs 19.35. So in the year 2018 and 2019 the average price was Rs 11.78 and Rs 18.5 respectively. The highest drop in average price of 1 GB is Rs 6.7 in the year 2020.

Due to cheap internet the average data usage has also increased over the years. During the year 2017 the average data usage was 4.13 GB per month and in the year 2018 it was 7.69 GB per month. The highest data usage in the year 2020 was 11GB per month.