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telecom industry facts and statistics

Expansion In Telecom Subscriber Base

India ranks second in terms of number of telecommunication subscriptions, internet subscribers and app downloads. India’s telephone subscriber base has been continuously growing.

During FY16 there was 1058.86 Million subscribers, FY17 there was 1194.58 Million Subscribers, FY18 there was 1206.22 Millions Subscribers, FY19 there was 1183.51 Million Subscribers, FY20 there was 1177.97 Million Subscriber and FY21 (as of Aug 2020) there was 1167.81 Million Subscribers.

Expansion in Telecom Subscriber Base

Expansion in Tele-Density

Tele-density which is defined as the number of telephone connections for every 100 individuals. It has been noticed that tele-density has been increased from FY16-83.36% to FY20-87.37%.

Rural Share in Telecom Subscription

During FY20 it has been noticed that RURAL SHARE –  44.27%has been increased as compared to FY11RURAL SHARE – 33.35% in the telecommunication market.

Wireless Subscription Growth Over The Years

Wireless subscription has also been grown intensively over the past few years. During FY16 there was 1033.63 Million Wireless subscriber, FY17 there was 1170.18 Million Wireless subscribers, FY18 there was 1183.41 Million Wireless subscribers, FY19 there was 1161.81 Million wireless subscribers, FY20 there was 1157.75 Million wireless subscribers, FY21 (as of Aug 2020)there was 1147.92 Million Subscribers.

Increase In Broadband Connection Over The Years

Broadband connection has been increased immensely over the years. Wired broadband subscriber in FY20 was 19.18 Million and Wireless broadband subscriber in FY20 was 668.26 Million.

Increase In Internet Subscribers Over The Years

Internet subscriptions have also been increased at a CAGR of 21.36% from FY16 to FY20. Number of internet subscribers in India is expected to double by 2021 which is 829 million.

The average wireless data usage per wireless data subscriber in FY 20 was 11 GB per month. The average wireless data usage per wireless data subscriber is expected to reach by 2024 which is 18 GB.

Exponential Growth In Data Consumption

Data consumption has witnessed exponential growth over the past few years.

Q1 FY 19 – 10,418,076 TB

Q2 FY 19 – 12,549,891 TB

Q3 FY 19 – 14,253,256 TB

Q4 FY 19 – 15,850,560 TB

Q1 FY 20 – 17,940,576 TB

Q2 FY 20 – 19,838,886 TB

Q3 FY 20 – 20,899,931 TB

Q4 FY 20 – 22,854,131 TB

Q1FY 21 – 25,369,679 TB

Major Companies In The Market Are

Some of the major companies in the market are MTNL, BSNL, AIRTEL, VI, JIO.

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