How to Remove Jio Caller Tune

How to Remove Jio Caller Tune from Phone

What is JioTunes?

Jio caller tune also known as JioTunes is an option to turn boring ‘Tring Tring’ that your callers will listen into a song of your choice.You can select JioTunes from Jio’s large collection of songs ranging from Bollywood to International, devotional to Regional and many other genres.

You can download MyJio app from Play Store/App Store & set the song of your choice as JioTune. Looking for ‘How to deactivate JioTunes’? If you bored of the caller tunes then read this in order to understand How to Remove Jio Caller Tune from Phone.

There are three easy methods to deactivate JioTunes

1. SMS
2. Through MyJio app
3. IVR

Method 1.SMS:

  • Grab your smartphone and open message box.
  • SMS ‘Stop’ to 56789 or 155223
  • Reply with ‘1’ to confirm the deactivation.
  • JioTunes will be deactivated and you will receive deactivation confirmation SMS on your mobile saying ‘JioTunes services have been deactivated on your number.’

Method 2. Using MyJio:

  • Open MyJio app.
  • Select ‘JioTunes’ option from the menu.
  • Go to My Subscriptions page, tap on ‘Deactivate JioTune’ at bottom of the screen.
  • To deactivate the JioTunes and tap on ‘Yes’ on the deactivation confirmation page.
  • You will get a confirmation pop-up once your request is submitted successfully.

Method 3. IVR:

  • Dial 155223 from your Jio mobile
  • Select language
  • Now IVR will prompt all value added services active on your mobile number.
  • Choose the JioTunes option to deactivate.

And it will be done.

In a few simple steps you can deactivate JioTunes on your number.

In case you are looking for ways to activate JioTunes on your Jio number, here are a few ways.

How do I activate JioTunes on my smartphone?

You can activate JioTunes using one of these easy methods :

1.MyJio app

2. IVRCopy

3. JioTune from another Jio customer

4. By SMS

Step by step process for all methods:

MyJio app:

  • Download MyJio app from Play store for Android or App store for iPhone.
  • Open MyJio app and select ‘JioTunes’ option.
  • Go to the songs tab and select the song which you want to set.
  • Listen to preview and select ‘Set as JioTune’.
  • Get confirmation screen and SMS on activation.


  • Dial 56789 from the Jio number on which you wish to set JioTune.
  • Select the song of your choice from the Top Songs to set as your JioTune.

Another method is ‘Copy JioTune of another Jio customer:

  • press * (star) before the call is answered.
  • A consent message will be sent on your number.
  • Reply to this SMS with ‘Y’ within 30 minutes.
  • The selected JioTune will be activated on your Jio number.


  • Grab your smartphone and open message box.
  • Send an SMS with the first 3 words of the song/film/album of your choice to 56789 (toll-free).
  • You will receive an SMS with the list of songs matching to your input along with instructions on how to set the song of your choice as your JioTune.
  • Alternatively, you can SMS “JT” to 56789 and follow the instructions.
  • Soon Jio will send a confirmation message to you.

Yes, it’s that easy.

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