High Tech Phone and No-net connection? It’s time to change!

High Tech Phone and No-net connection? It’s time to change

Aren’t you excited when you buy a new phone? Of-course we all are! With all those fab features and amazing looks of your new phone, we all love to flaunt it to our friends.

The other day I bought a new mobile and I took it to my friend’s party. Just when I was showing the brilliant camera quality and all that stuff to my friends, a message popped up “Bad Internet connection. Can’t post this picture.” !!

Oh God! That was such a funny day. Everyone kept laughing on me.

I think most of us have mobile network issues which we ignore everyday. Most of us don’t even know about Mobile Number Portability.

MNP(Mobile Number Portability) is the easiest way of changing your network without changing your number. You can easily port your number online these days.

A friend asked me: How can MNP be a solution to network problems?

Actually, it is a big solution. A lot of times you see bad connection because that particular area do not have better connectivity of your network. Mobile Number Portability is a good way of changing your network and testing which network is working good in your location. For example you can try port to Airtel and see how it is working for you. If this also does not work well, you can again port to Vodafone in just 3 months.

So if you often see low network or bad internet signals in your phone, this is what you should be doing.

1st Step: Generate a porting code by sending and SMS “PORT<space><mobile number>” to 1900.

2snd Step: Log on to www.10digi.com and select port number option.

3rd Step: Choose a network that you wish to port in. You can choose to port to Airtel or port to Vodafone.

4th Step: Choose a plan for your new connection.

5th Step: Select a time slot and fill in your delivery details.

6th Step: Place your order.

The SIM will be delivered at your location at your decided time. Just provide the representative the generated porting code and he will help you complete the porting process.

I have just placed an order to port to Airtel and the SIM is going to come in next 3 hours.

Isn’t it simple and super fast!!

If you too wish to port your number and get your new SIM connection, just follow the steps above and your SIM will be delivered in no time.
Log on to 10digi.com for fast SIM delivery, instant activation and best prices for your new connection.

You can also call on +91 9999-33-00-22 or write an email to [email protected].

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