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Top Up Plans

Looking for the best plan? Here are Vodafone, Airtel and Jio’s new plans

Everything around us is changing in some or the other way. Over the time our needs and requirements have changed a lot. Network service providers are continuously trying to fulfill data and call requirements for each subscriber. Companies are launching new plans as per the individual’s requirements.  Some of these changes include work from home plans, special tariff plans, additional top up plans and more to make our daily work better.

Thus, we thought of making sure you all are aware of the plan updates and benefit from the same.

In this blog we are going to talk about recent plan changes made by a few network service providers. We have covered plan changes by Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone. Recently network companies have launched new plans which are a real value for money. So here are the details about each plan.

Jio Plans

Base plan for prepaid users is now Rs 129

Jio’s base recharge plan now starts at Rs 129, following this Rs 98 plan is discontinued. This means the subscribers will now have to pay more for the base plan. Under Rs 98 plan subscribers used to get 300 SMS, 2GB data daily and free Jio to Jio calls with 28 days validity.

Now subscribers will have to do a minimum recharge Rs 129 to avail services. With new Rs 129 base plan subscribers will get 2GB high speed data daily, 300 SMS, unlimited Jio to Jio calls and 1000 minutes to make calls to other networks. Along with all this users will get complimentary access to all MyJio apps.

Another plan of Rs 999 added to Jio’s work from home category

Second new plan from Jio is under its ‘work from home’ category. Plan costs Rs 999 which offers 3GB high speed data daily, 100 SMS daily, unlimited Jio to Jio calls and offers 3000 minutes to make calls to other networks. This plan comes with a validity of 84 days.

The difference between Jio’s Rs 999 and Rs 599 is that prior offers 3GB high speed data daily and later offers 2GB data daily. Along with all this, users get complimentary access to all MyJio apps.

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Airtel Plans

Airtel has the most diverse plan offering as compared to its immediate competitors Jio and Vodafone-Idea.

Airtel’s Rs 98 plan is a double data treat for its users

Airtel has doubled the benefits of its Rs 98 top up plan. In place of 6GB it will now offer 12GB with the same validity of 28 days. This plan doesn’t have any calling or SMS benefits.

Airtel gives extra value with each top up

Second noticeable change by Airtel is in the talk time top up plans. With a top up of Rs 500 users will now get Rs 480 talk time which earlier was Rs 423.73. Rs 1000 recharge will give a talk time of Rs 960 in place of Rs 847.46. Similarly, with Rs 5000 recharge talk time has been raised to Rs 4800 which earlier was Rs 4237.

All subscribers with a plan Rs 149 or above will have a complimentary access to zee5 app.

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Vodafone Plans

Vodafone is also making all necessary changes and continuously offering new plans to its subscribers.

Vodafone’s small recharge with bigger benefits

First is a Rs 29 plan which offers Rs 20 talk time and 100MB high speed data with a validity of 14 days. Call rate of 2.5 paisa per minute is applicable for all local or national calls.

Vodafone offers double data scheme

Vodafone announced a double data offer which will give 2GB+2GB data. Which means if you purchase a plan under a double data scheme which offers 1GB data you will get 2GB similarly if you purchase a plan with 2GB data you will get 4GB.

Vodafone is the first company to offer 4GB per day, the maximum data offered by any company is 3GB per day. Plans offering 4GB data are Rs 299, Rs 449 and Rs 699. Rs 299 offers 4GB data daily, unlimited local and national calls to all networks along with 100 SMS daily. This plan has a validity of 28 days.

Rs 449 plan and Rs 699 plan have the same benefits as Rs 299 plan with a validity of 56 days and 84 days respectively.

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Note: Above mentioned all plans are live and you can recharge through any online or offline medium.

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Stay home stay safe.

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