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vodafone postpaid plans

Wondering if postpaid connection can be a good option for you? We will help you make the right decision.

There are a lot of reasons why people prefer postpaid connections over prepaid connections. This blog will give you information on what makes Vodafone postpaid connection better than any other prepaid connection.

Apart from the good internet speed and uninterrupted calls, there are many more benefits of choosing a Vodafone postpaid plan. It includes unlimited calls and extra data benefits on your Vodafone postpaid connection. And this is not all. There are many more benefits that Vodafone Postpaid offers.

1. Amazon Prime:

Amazon prime is just what you need to spend a perfect weekend at home. It lets you binge on latest movies and TV shows. You also get to enjoy ad free music and avail shopping benefits. Choose your favourite movie, TV show or music from the exclusive collection at Amazon Prime. Enjoy free subscription of Amazon Prime for 12 months with your Vodafone postpaid plan.

2. Netflix:

Widen your movie options. Now you can choose your favourite shows from Netflix also. Get the best of both worlds with your Vodafone Postpaid Plan. Enjoy award-winning movies and TV shows all clubbed for you with a free subscription of Netflix. There is a lot that you can do with your Vodafone postpaid connection.

3. Vodafone Play:

Watch your favourite TV shows anytime and anywhere with Vodafone Play. Carry Live TV in your pocket for your constant dose of entertainment. Get a free subscription of Vodafone Play with your Vodafone Postpaid connection.

4. Mobile Shield:

Let your Vodafone new SIM act as a mobile shield for your smartphone. Get security against damage or theft of your smartphone when you buy a new Vodafone postpaid connection with 10digi.com. The service provider insurance covers upto Rs. 50,000 on newly purchased or 6 months old smartphones.

5. Red Hot Deals:

Your new Vodafone postpaid plan will give you more surprises. You can get free vouchers every month from best of the brands. The voucher value will be equal to the amount you spend on your monthly rentals. This means you get complete value for your money spent on Vodafone postpaid plan.

6. Data Rollover Benefits:

Why waste the unused data. Now you can carry forward the leftover data to the next month with Vodafone’s data rollover benefits. Get more data every month and stop worrying about the internet usage with your Vodafone postpaid connection. Vodafone postpaid offers the best use of your plan benefits.

7. Zero deposit:

Vodafone postpaid offers new postpaid connection with zero security deposit. Now you can get a vodafone postpaid connection without having to pay any amount for security deposit on your postpaid connection. Just choose a plan and get your SIM delivered at your location without having to pay any delivery charges or security deposit. You only have to pay for the monthly rentals after completion of the billing cycle.

To avail the benefits of Vodafone postpaid connection, you can either buy a new Vodafone postpaid connection or port to Vodafone sitting at home with 10digi.com.
To get your postpaid SIM delivered home, just follow the steps below:

1. Log on to the website: www.10digi.com.

2. Select if you wish to buy new Vodafone SIM or port to Vodafone.

3. Choose a postpaid plan for your new connection.

4. Fill in your delivery details and choose a delivery time.

5. Place your order.

Your SIM will reach you in just 60 minutes or at a time slot selected by you. 10digi.com is an easy and super fast way of ordering your SIM card. You can choose from prepaid connection, postpaid connection or port your number online. Also, 10digi.com lets you choose your mobile number from lakhs of options available on the website.

To get more information, log on to the website 10digi.com or call on our helpline number +91 9999-33-00-22. You can also send us an email at [email protected].

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